De genezing van de krekel – The healing of the cricket

The novel will be published in March 2019 by Querido. (And available in Dutch only)
De genezing van de krekel (The healing of the cricket)  – written by Toon Tellegen

One day find the cricket that he a strange feeling in his head. It is a heavy, immovable feeling, which does not want to go away. The animals call him no longer the cricket, but the gloomy cricket. They all want to help him, but whatever they do, it will not benefit. Only after long time disappears that feeling again out of his head and he is finally recovered from his depression.

Gwen Stok, illustrator and artist, was so impressed by The healing of the cricket that she decided to translate Tellegens text in a comic form. The result is a stunning graphic novel of two top talents, for young and old, recognizable for people with depressions and insightful for who she has not.

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