‘UitZicht’ – Rotterdam City Artist 2021

Gwen Stok (1983) asks several Rotterdammers to send pictures of the view from their windows. She combines these photos with impressions she gains herself during her walks and with what she hears in the news every day. This has been elaborated in a cartoon of separate drawings and a comic strip-like leporello, a zigzag folded drawing. The leporello symbolizes the grind of the hard lockdown and the days that merge into each other.


Even before the bombing of 14 May 1940, but especially during the reconstruction, draftsmen recorded the changes in the city. Until the end of the eighties of the last century, the City Archives of Rotterdam annually commission draughtsmen. Due to the rapid changes, Rotterdam is an ideal source of inspiration. Since 80, this tradition has been reinstated in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam, and city artists are further adding to the collection of the Rotterdam City Archives.

The three city artists for 2021, Gwen Stok, Funs ‘Funzig’ Janssen and Gemma Plum, have been selected by a jury consisting of: Hugo Borst (Rotterdam writer, art lover and collector), Hedy Tjin (artist), Shehera Grot (Kunsthal), Ove Lucas (CBK Rotterdam) and Jantje Steenhuis and Wanda Waanders (Rotterdam City Archives).

Exhibition: DRAWN: ROTTERDAM! ONE AND A HALF METER SOCIETY at Kunsthal Rotterdam.

23 October 2021 – 16 Januar 2022

The leporello is for sale in my webshop and at Yendor!

Made it possible by: CBK Rotterdam & Stadsarchief Rotterdam