Our lives are an experience made possible by a force we rarely think about. We learn to explore the world with help of gravity, we experience time with the help of gravity and we remain connected with everything here on earth because gravity keeps our lives in place. Without gravity there is no present, past or future, there only is.
But what if that invisible force no longer has it’s grip on us? What if it suddenly disappears or we learn to detach ourselves from it’s bindings? Can we remain what we were by holding on to scraps of memories or do we change into something else entirely?

‘Memoir of a Jellyfish’ is an experimental transmedia storytelling project by Gwen Stok. When Gwen was playing around with the question “what if gravity falls away?” she reached different answers depending on the point of view from which she choose to explore the concept: be it science, philosophy, psychology or fairytales. She kinda lost the thread through it all during creation… As a result the project consist of pieces from stories and memories about our connection with gravity.. 

Everything every day here on Earth is based on gravity, and you don’t realize it until you don’t have it anymore –  

Peggy Whitson