Gwen Stok (Rotterdam) is an independent illustrator and artist. She creates work that, with philosophical playfulness, provides insight into our human nature. The quest for innovative ways to convey her concepts has resulted in a particularly diverse portfolio, including paintings, detailed pen drawings, comics, graphic novels, murals, and apps. It is important for her to think as a visual storyteller about the unique narrative possibilities of the medium she works with to enhance the experience of the concept.

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Latest news

A new website is currently in development. For the time being you can stay up to date about my work through my social media channels or the small news updates below!

Current project

April 4th 2024

Currently working on 'In iedere vezel' a poetic graphic novel written by Christian Jongeneel.
Supported by Amarte

Update about ARQ project

December 4th 2023

Work in progress - 4 stories of young people fleeing from different countries. 'The Flight of Samuel' was a trial run of the project presented during the 50th anniversary congress of ARQ. In the coming period, this project will be further developed. Texts are written by Trudy Mooren and Mathilde Overbeek, based on various true stories. Commissioned by ARQ, National Psychotrauma Center.